heyyyyy if u guys wanna send me an ask with a nice thought in it that would be awesome. im ive been so fucking depressed and im just feeling especially not good tonight an i dont know what else to do….

who wants to be my daddy

gobeur replied to your post: a young explosion and pockles

NOOO CUTE.. (i just got into this show lol what good timing)

GODBLESS such a good show man

a young explosion and pockles

a young explosion and pockles

SAME CAPE SAME CAPE B)))(me and forg are the same godtier)


(me and forg are the same godtier)

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

This weekend I went to a convention and I was in artist alley looking at some booth with steam punk jewelry and such. Next to me the artist starts talking with a cosplayer about some white gloves they have and how cute they are. And then they start talking about how cute the 50s must have been, being a little house wife and going to the super market with their gloves and all that.

And then someone to my right chimes in, “Im pretty sure they didnt go to the super market”. The artist kind of just laughs a little like she doesnt understand and then the cosplayer to my right adds “They probably had other people do that for them” She says it very lowly but I turn to her and I just have this feeling of ‘THANK THE FUCK OUTTA YOU FOR SAYING IT’ but all i actually say is “dude i feel you” and we just smile and walk away from that shitty booth.